Washington Capitals Fantasy Playoff Run

As we all know and hate, our beloved Caps were knocked out of the playoffs by the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Don’t worry Caps fans, there is still hope, you can still cheer on your team. While watching Game 1 of the Conference Finals between the Rangers and Devils, Ben from Capitals Outsider and I started playing a game.

Here’s how it worked:

Every time the Rangers Scored a goal Ben and I would decide which Cap it would have been that scored the goal, along with who got the assists. Basically we made up a scenario that the Caps beat the Rangers in Game 7 and are now playing the Devils.

For example, Chris Kreider scored a goal for the Rangers in Game 1. The assist went to Artem Anisimov. So we re-watched the play and came up with Jason Chimera as the goal scorer because of Chimera’s similar speed. We gave the assist to Alexander Semin because like Anisimov, he is Russian. Also, the pass looked just like a play Semin would make.

We thought it would be a cool idea to write game stories using this. I’ve designated each Ranger as a player for the Caps and made a roster. After each game I am going to do a recap from a Caps perspective throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Last year Caps Outsider did a Fake Recap of the Caps Winning The Stanley Cup. I will be writing that for them this year, so all of this will lead up to that article and create story lines along the way. It’s a fun way to watch the playoffs without being so bummed out that the Capitals lost.

I know it’s hard to cheer for the Rangers, since they are the team that beat our Caps. But look at it this way, if they do win, it just shows we lost to the best.

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  1. Still cannot fathom the Kings are likely going to the Stanley Cup Finals. Yet it’s still Lakertown…NHL NBA Kings Lakers

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