The Capitals Are Back At The Top

The Washington Capitals have claimed their fourth consecutive Southeast Division title and have jumped to the to the top of the East in the process.

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to the Buffalo Sabres last night, which gave the Caps the division. The Capitals finished the night with a 3-2 OT win in Toronto, catapulting them over the Philadelphia Flyers.


Alex Ovechkin Celebrates his 300th Career Goal

Washington now has the chance to win their second straight regular season Eastern Conference title. They are in a battle with Philadelphia for that top spot with two games remaining in the season. If the Caps win both of their games, the conference will

belong to them no matter what happens with the Flyers. Washington controls it’s destiny.

The Capitals will finish off their season with a home and home against the Florida Panthers. The first of this set begins tonight in D.C. The team will then travel to Florida for Saturdays game to complete their season

The Flyers are idle until they take on the Buffalo Sabres Friday and the New York Islanders Saturday to wrap things up.


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